SEO Software That Puts You In Control

Simple step-by-step instructions allows you to implement successful SEO on your own website. Simply follow the simple tasks to help get your website to the top of Google.

Personalized SEO Plan.

An SEO plan unique to your website. All you have to do is follow it.

SEO Academy.

Learn SEO to be as good as the pros with our SEO academy .

Less Than 4 Hours per Week

Achieve ranking success with less than 4 hours per week.

Every Message In One Place

Track Your Progress

The SAAS LOCAL SEO platform will track and report your rankings so you can see how the actions you have implemented have driven more traffic and customers over time.

Simple SEO Tasks Each Week

Our software will provide you with simple SEO tasks to complete each week that will improve your ranking over time.

Higher rankings means more targeted traffic

You Don't Need To Be A Technical Whizz

As long as you can use a mouse and keyboard you can do your own SEO with the help of SAAS LOCAL of course.

With our easy-to-follow instructions anyone can optimize any website.

Given simple instructions anyone can be successful with SEO

Every Message In One Place

Even a Junior Can Implement SEO

Our SEO instructions are so simple to follow many of our clients delegate the tasks to a junior or an apprentice and with as little as 4 hours per week required they can do it along side their current role.

Your business wins when you
appear higher in the search engines

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Staff efficiency

With as little as 4 hours per week. Make use of an existing staff to implement your SEO.

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Saved - inhouse SEO

With average SEO costs at over $1000 p/m you can save over 75% in-house SEO

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Page one rankings

Securing page one for your niche keyword can 10X plus your revenue

Awesome Words from clients

SAAS LOCAL SEO platform helps clients implement their own SEO and successfully gain higher rankings.

Shannon Hanrahan

Loan Broker

“We used several SEO agencies with one charging us over $2500 per month. The thing is I never knew what they were doing each month and the results were poor. All they would say is “SEO takes time” With the “SAAS LOCAL SEO platform I could implement SEO myself and was surprised at how straight foward it was. The results were great to!

Robert Wills


“SAAS LOCAL helps me secure more clients each month by securing a higher position on Google. What’s more I did all myself by following the weekly tasks.”

Easily Integrates With Leading Apps