Q & A and Intro And Welcome

This page covers your first steps and some common questions and answers.

After logging in to your portal and going through the training you may have questions. You can either email readyreviews@saaslocal.com or book a call via the calendar at the bottom of this page.

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Training and Sales Back Office

Common Questions & Answers

SAAS Local is a Ready Reviews official VAR (value added reseller)

No not all. This is a freelance commission based sales position not a business opportunity.

The hours you work are entirely up to you. We have sales reps that work full and part-time and some that just work on weekends. All we ask is that you active and if you decide not to continue with the position you let us know.

Yes if you want to but we will need to see some sort of activity even if it’s a few hours on a weekend.

Commission payments are made every Friday. Once you have closed a deal and the contract is signed you are paid the following Friday.

In your back office portal you will be able to add your bank details for payment. Your back office will also show how much you can expect to receive that week..

The software can be sold as an upfront yearly subscription or a month to month subscription.

This doc explains the full breakdown of commission : Click Here

Yes, for very 5 anual subscriptions you sell in a calendar month you receive an extra $500, sell 10 in a calendar month and receive a $1000.

Each month there will also be a competition for the leading sales person that has sold the most yearly subscriptions.

Plus a quarterly compeition these prizes will be something like an be an iPhone, iPad, Laptop.

For the The quarterly competition you must have sold at least 10 yearly subscriptions in the period to qualify.

This depnds on how much effort you wish to put in. Full-time we have people closing one deal to two deals per day making over $3500 per week.

Others work weekends and close a couple of annual deals for an extra $955 per week.

Like anything in life you get out what you put in.

Absolutely not, you can choose to sell to businesses anywhere, in any country, although we recommend starting in your local area.

Absolutely, we have many sales reps that are successful and have never sold before.

As long as you are comfortable holding a conversation with someone, there is no reason wht you can not be successful. Full training and weekly live calls are put in place to help and support you.

No, not at all. Once you have made the sale and contracts have been signed head office will take over. You move on to the next sale.

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