Terms Of Purchase

This is a monthly recurring subscription payment and by proceeding with this purchase you are agreeing to the overall SAAS Local Terms of Service (https://saaslocal.com/terms-and-conditions/) along with the specific terms of purchase below.

You are buying access to the SAAS Local platform on a month by month basis or year by year basis depending on whether you have selected the monthly or yearly payment plan.

You are free to cancel the monthly plan at any time by using the cancellation link (obtainable through support) or by asking support directly.

Cancellation Policy

When you cancel the monthly access to the SAAS Local platform you will be cancelling all future payments from there on in. No refunds will be given for previous months or the current month.

If you are purchasing yearly access to the SAAS Local platform no refunds will be provided after the first 30 days from becmoing a customer.