The SAAS Local Plan To Growth

The Three Most Common Growth Struggles Local Busineses Face

And How We Solve Them

Are you appearing to buyers?

Did you know people in your area are actively searching for the service or product you offer on a daily basis. In some cases this could be thousands each month.

Contact us to find out how many people are searching for what you provide.

These are not people seeking information but red hot buyers ready to reach out and buy your service or product.

This means there are new customers ready to buy right in front of every business, so many in fact that there is no need for flyers, adverts or endless posting on social media, which often deliver a poor ROI.

Many local businesses are struggling to appear above their competitors to these active buyer and missing out on thousands or tens of thousands of addittional revenue each month.

searching for a local business
leaving a review

Your reputation and reviews

Everybody is looking for the best service possible for their hard earned money and in todays consumer market buyers rely on your previous customers letting them know how good you are.

The following consumer statistics show how important reviews are to your business.

  • Over 81% of people use Google reviews before deciding which business to call.
  • 74% of consumers say that reviews increase trust in a company.
  • 94% of consumers say that negative reviews have made them avoid a buisness


Many local businesses struggle to get their customers to leave reviews and are missing out on significantly more business that regular positive reviews generates.

Missed enquiries and questions

Current data shows millions of pounds of business is lost each year due to missed enquiries from potential customers. On top of this more business is lost from discruntled customer leaving poor reviews due to lack of support and failure to answer their questions in a timely manner.

Do you know how many people visit your website each day and how many of these people simply leave becuase they want to ask their questions online.

The latest statistics show that 63% of consumers prefer to reach out online.

Failure to respond to these enquiries straight away can result in lost business and annoyed customers.

How many missed opportunties does this mean for your business?

Are You Achieving These Essential Parts Of Customer Acquisition?

Take the test for your business

Follow these steps to see how you are performing.

  1. open up or the equivalent for your country
  2. search for you main service in your location. i.e. accountant Liverpool.
  3. Where do you appear compared to your competition.
  4. Check the Google MAPS listings to find out.
  5. Check your reviews – what do your previous customers say about you.
  6. How do your competitors reviews compare to yours.
  7. If you was a potential customer, would you chose you?


If you are not appearing above your competition and displaying better and more up to date reviews you are are losing money to your competitors. 

How We Solve These Three Problems

We make sure you are visible to people looking for your service

We make sure you stand out from your competition

Never miss a potential customer with our AI communication solution

Book a call to arrange a 10-minute chat  to see what our solution can do for your business

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